Monday, February 16, 2009

And by the Way...

Did I mention that both of my camera batteries are dead? And that the charger is nowhere to be found. Greg and I have both searched the house, every bag every drawer, every place we might have seen it. It's just gone. Greg, being the wonderful husband that he is, went ahead and ordered me a new one last night. I figure I'll find it as soon as we get back from our trip in March. Grrr.

But all of that to say, this is why I don't have pictures of the disaster that was left in my back yard over the weekend. Or of the really cool cows at the dairy farm across from Grandma's house that I've been trying to get pictures of for I don't even know how long and were finally hanging out at the fence talking to me on Saturday while I trimmed Grandma's rose buses. At least Grandma still has all of her rose bushes. Harumph.