Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Place I Was Meant to Be

We're going to Vegas, Baby! We should get married while we're there! Oh wait...

Yes, we're going to Disney next week, but more imporatantly, I get to go to Las Vegas with Greg at the end of April to lounge in luxury at the Rio while he does boring work conference stuff. Awesome! What's the most awesome part? The Rio is located on Flamingo Road. Heh.

The real reason for the excitement over the trip is the opportunity to visit a place we've both wanted to go for a long, long time. The Pinball Hall of Fame. Laugh if you want, but we luvs us some pinball. This place has pinball. 142 tables worth. Including my arch nemisis, Pinbot. As well as Greg's favorite, Monopoly. They also have a few I've played on the Wii and PSP that I'd like to get a closer look at, like Tee'd Off.

While pulling up the link to use in this post I read something I found really interesting on their website. They're an official 503(c) non-profit. Everything they earn over necessities goes to the Salvation Army. Here's a quote from the guy who runs the place:

Tim says, 'I like the Salvation Army a lot because they're kinda like us. They're downtown on the cheap side, and they put all their emphasis on the areas that need emphasis, and not a lot on hierarchy and organization. When the crap hit the fan with Katrina, the government failed completely, the Red Cross failed mostly, but everybody that was there said the Salvation Army was exemplary in every way. This is why we help the Salvation Army. They are unlike any other charity or government, very little overhead and helping lots of people that need it. Today's society is often too self-centered to bother doing community service. So I'm just giving them a vehicle where they think they're being self-indulging by playing pinball, but they are really helping charity.'


mayberry said...

That is SOOOOO cool! You are gonna be quite the little globe trotter ain't ya?

Nick said...

Very cool!

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What else can I say but:


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Very cool!