Thursday, February 5, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

My office moved again last week. I'm not in my third space in 2 years. My last space was sorta shared with four other people, and very noisy. Insanely noisy at times. At first the noise made me crazy, but I eventually got to where I could tune it out. I would periodically join in on conversations with the other four people, giving me a little break in my day. Then out of the blue last Thursday they said, "Oh, you're moving. Today. Pack."

So now I'm back across campus, in what used to be a patient room in the old hospital. I share my office with one of the nurses, but the cubicles are set up so that I can't see her and can barely hear her when she's here, which isn't often. She is in clinic most of the time. So I'm in my little office area (smallest area yet) all alone all day...

I'm trying not to start too much stuff that I can't finish before I leave at the end of February, so things are a little slow at the moment. I have plenty of time left to sort through things and organize, but not enough to really get going on something new... I'm bored. And it's so quiet. And this is exactly what I've been asking for over the past couple of months. Sigh. I nearly nodded off at my desk mutliple times yesterday. Today I've just given myself a headache.

If every day moves this slow, I may not survive until the end of the month.

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From the Doghouse said...

I'm with you on the moves. Now I'm just the opposite; I have no silence at all.

Good luck.