Friday, February 6, 2009

Medical Emergency

We had to take our car to the car hospital this morning for some diagnostic surgery. The alternator went out on our way home yesterday, in a questionable part of town. Luckily, just as the entire dash was losing power we hit a bump and everything came back on long enough to get us home. Hopefully it's just a bad connection somewhere that can be fixed without replacing the alternator, which is not cheap. I've walked that path before.

It's almost like somebody is poking us with a stick. What, you want to up and quit your job? Fine, let's create some financial strain to make you question that decision!

It's not working. I wouldn't be leaving my job if we thought that would be a problem. We can afford a new alternator. Not only that, we told them to go ahead and replace the seriously cracked windshield while they have it under anesthesia. And we plan on swapping it out with Greg's Mustang when we pick it up to have some work done on it, including another windshield since his inspection sticker expired last month. Becoming a one income family only works if we can do better than survive on that one income. Thankfully, we've spent the past two years creating a lifestyle that makes it possible.

Now, anybody want to start a betting pool on how long it will take one or both cars to get another major crack across the new windshields? I'm going to go ahead and say under a week.


mayberry said...

I'm so proud of the way you and Greg have worked so hard to get yourselves where you want to be. It's very inspiring Susan - you really have no idea how much.

mayberry said...

I tagged you missy!