Monday, February 16, 2009


You know, I wasn't happy that the tree removers we hired last week tore up part of my back yard trying to work in the rain with their equipment on Friday, but I got over that pretty quick.

I wasn't happy at all that they chose to enter the back yard via the side fence where my running rose bush lives, ripping it up in the process. This would be the rose bush that survived my neighbor's libral use of Roundup and my yard guy's free hand with the weed eater. It did not survive the Bobcat. As a matter of fact, there is now no sign that it ever exited. But I got over that as well. Eventually.

What haven't I gotten over yet? The fact that they left my fence down when they left on Friday. Both the front fence and the part we'd patched in the back after the tree fell. I get that they aren't done and have to come back when the ground dries up a little, but exactly what was I supposed to do with my pup in meantime????

We were leaving town Friday, so we ended up taking Casper with us. I wasn't happy. We cut our trip short and came back Saturday evening so we could figure out how to fix the containment breach in the back yard. After a couple of attempts and one escape, we think we have him jailed enough to run free for a while. He makes us crazy when we can't let him out to run. Now if I just had a clue as to when the tree guys were coming back so I could arrage to meet them in the driveway and give them a healthy dose of my rage...

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