Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Derby

I'm more than a little disturbed by the TV promos for today's horse race which read, "The Kentucky Derby" followed by, "YUM!"

Ummm.... please tell me they aren't suggesting that the horses are tasty.

I'm hoping that the Derby is sponsored by YUM! Brands, the company that owns such places as KFC. That would make sense. But I'd feel a lot better seeing the KFC logo rather than YUM! next to the Derby logo.

Greg and I are watching the hockey game that's on directly before the Derby, so we've seen the promo a lot. We were discussing running some errands and he asked me if I needed to stay and watch the Derby first.

Me: "NO! I'm really afraid they're going to eat the horses after the race!"
Greg: "Only the ones that don't win..."

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From the Doghouse said...

Yep, Yum! is now the Derby sponsor.

But that doesn't mean that Greg isn't right. Remember, Yum! owns Taco Bell too.