Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Done

Remember in my last post when I said there were two things I could post about one of them would just tick me off? Well, that problem's been solved so I can talked about it without steam coming from my ears.

You see, driving home from hanging with my BFF Addyson on Wednesday, my car started losing power again. Yes, this is exactly the same problem we were having with it two months ago when I nearly set it on fire. Dad and my brother worked on it and replaced some things and it had run fine, until this week when it nearly left me stranded at Hwy 80 and Gallatin Street.

For those of you not from around here, Hwy 80 and Gallatin is not somewhere you want to be stranded. EVER.

I knew righ then that I was done with it. Done. I wasn't starting this fight again. If replacing the alternator and battery didn't fix it, and it waited two months to do this again, then I was going to spend the rest of it's sorry life on edge waiting for it to happen again. Uh uh. I'm done with it.

The really painful part of this story is that because we just bought the Camry at the end of January, we hadn't built up enough extra cash to pay for another car outright, which means payments. **shudder** I hate payments. We've gone 11 months debt free. This was hard, people. For once my nausea had nothing to do with Tater Tot. But I sucked it up, it had to be done. So we spent a couple of days research what to buy and ended up buying... a mini van.

What??? Yep, I went from looking at compacts on Wednesday to a Honda Odyssey in my carport. But it's pretty nice, I like it, the price was right, and dude, it has this awesome windshield wiper on the back window. I nearly wrecked driving it home last night when I realized I'd accidentally turned it on. Cooooool. And little cubbies all over the place. And lots of cup holders. (And yes, it drives very smooth and has low mileage and all that stuff that's actually important when buying a car!) My only problem with it is that, like the Camry, it doesn't have an antenna. Where am I going to put my antenna hats???

Anyway, here was the shocking part about the transaction. When they ran our financing options they came back with the two best offers. The first one was like 6.75%, which I thought was a little high (we'd already been pre-approved at 5% through our Credit Union) but the second best offer was over 11%. Seriously??? I know it's been a loooooong time since I financed a car, but I thought rates were going down? 11% was absurd. I was very glad we'd made the effort to get preapproved. We'll go Tuesday and to the check from the credit union, and hopefully get this sucker paid off in under a year. I just hope the tag and insurance don't require another loan!


Sandi said...

An unreliable car is frightening, especially when you throw a child into the mix. I had a Mercury with this exact same issue a few years ago. It would lose power and quit on me. We replaced the alternator, the battery, even a few wires connecting things. Our mechanic tried everything and nothing worked. After it stranded me on Hwy. 45 near Okolona at 9 o'clock one night, we got rid of that POS and got a decent ride. The reliability was worth payments for a few months. Good for you for doing the same thing!

Susan said...

Yeah, Tater Tot kinda pushed me over the edge with this one. I knew I was looking at getting something else, I was just hoping to put it off until after the birth. I'm a little paranoid about having additional medical bills in the event of a complication or something. My brother did some research and suspects a problem with a certain sensor, but I'm not willing to experiment with it anymore. Plus, now I can haul stuff. Lots of stuff!

And you know, my dad used to tell me that some of the Mercury models were just re-labeled Tauruses (or vice versa). Makes sense they'd have the same issue. He hates the fact I bought a van. Heh. Mechanics. They can be so difficult.

From the Doghouse said...

If you want to see what that van will look like after kids, come see my wife's.

She does like it though.

Allison said...

Awww! How cute! You and Tater Tot will be stylin in your new ride!