Monday, May 11, 2009

What Will It Be?

Ok, so I've dug up quite a few myths about determining baby gender and wanted to share the results. I found it interesting that between the comments on the last post here and my question posed on Facebook, the results were pretty much split down the middle. So here's what the "experts" think:

Heartbeat - the rumor is that if the heartbeat is above 140 it's a girl, under 140 it's a boy. Tot's has ranged from 153-170. That one says girl.

Weight Gain - No, not mine. The rumor is that if your husband puts one weight during pregnancy it's a girl, if not it's a boy. Um, well, that would be another vote for girl.

Morning sickness - if you have a lot of morning sickness in the first trimester, it's supposed to be a sign of a girl. Little sickness is a sign of a boy. Heh. I think we all know the answer to that one at this point! One more vote for a girl.

Cold feet - cold feet are supposed to signify a boy, while warm feet suggest a girl. My feet have always been cold, so I guess this one gets a vote for a boy!

Ring on a string - Yes, I even tried the old tie your ring on a string and hold it over your tummy test. To be honest, it didn't really move. Hmmm. We manipulated it a little and it sorta swung bath and forth. Another vote for a boy.

Boobage - Apparently if the right boob grows larger than the left, it's a boy. Errr. Hard to say, but I'll go with a vote for boy on this one.

Cravings - the rumor is that cravings for salt mean it's a boy while cravings for sweets mean it's a girl. Guess we'll have to wait on this one. The only thing I crave is to not be sick anymore!

So what about the Chinese Gender Chart? This one is based on the Chinese lunar calendar and the age of the mother at the time of conception, and I've been told time and time again that it's never wrong. Except I'm not entirely sure which "month of conception" they actually want. The traditional 40 week pregnancy starts counting with "conception" at the first day of the mother's last period, when in fact conception actually takes place several weeks later. Um, that would be two different months in this case. Which one to use? Yeah, I tried both. One said girl, one said boy. Nice. I also found one chart that also gave you the percentage chance of having a boy or girl, and for both dates it gave me 50/50. Hmmm. So then I found another one that said it's based on your Chinese age, which is apparently different from what we consider our "real" age. My Chinese age calculated to 34, as opposed to the 33 I actually was at the time. This changed both results, the one that had formerly said boy now said girl and vice versa. What the heck???

There's also a myth that involves urine and Drano, but I'm sooo not going there...

So what does all of that mean? It's a tie. There are several I can't actually determine yet, as I'm not really showing enough to determine how I'm carrying. There is a possible tie breaker. This isn't one I found online, but one that I was informed of Friday night at Relay for Life. Clucky said if my rear end expanded, it would be a girl. She took one look and informed me we were definitely having a girl. Umm..... =)


Lauren said...

i think both my boys heartbeats ranged in the 150-160s the whole pregnancy...

Allison said...

I think I'm confused now.

Have you any instinct feeling about what it might be? If so, it's the opposite. Seems to be how it worked for me and for most of the other women I know. =)

Susan said...

Lauren - that probably means you would have had a girl if you hadn't married and Emmer! You never had an option.

Allison - I have no feeling about it whatsoever. I'm kind of enjoying the mystery of the whole thing.

From the Doghouse said...

It's a baby.

GrammarGirl said...

I think girl but it's just a guess. With my first, I thought "she" was a "he," but with my second, I thought girl and was right. My husband knew with our first and never told a soul. I did not want to know, but he sneaked back into the sonogram room and found out. I now know that he can definitely keep a secret!

The Davidson's: Lynn, Chris, Park, and Dalt said...

Hmmm...rear end expansion...which way?? I definitely have a bigger backside since having my kids and I had boys...(as you well know!) Also, Dalton's heartrate was around 150-160 bpm when I had ultrasounds done. That's why I hoped he was a girl...then I saw that little thingy movin' around in there. He was VERY OBVIOUSLY a boy! h/h love ya!

CluckyRN said...

Love ya..mean it :)

And yes, I still think it's a girl!


i'm black betty said...

LOL @ doghouse. i was sick with farto and he was a boy...hmmmm.... :)

this is fun...can't wait to hear the results.