Friday, May 1, 2009


So after at least six dozen jokes about the swine flu (yes, we should take this more seriously, we just can't help ourselves) I decided to actually look up the symptoms.

Fever. Lethargy. Loss of appetite. Runny nose. Nausea/vomiting.

Soooo.... pregnancy with fever? Dude, I'm only a few degrees away from having the swine flu!

Luckily I ate bacon at lunch yesterday, so I should have immunities.*

*Eating bacon does not give you immunity from the swine flu. We were just making that up during one of the six dozen jokes about it. Seriously, don't go eating bacon and then sue me if you get it anyway. It was a joke.


Sandi said...

We've been inundated with it this week. I'm sick of the swine flu, and there aren't even any cases in Mississippi yet.

Susan said...

We like to time the news at night to see how long it takes them to mention it. I probably shouldn't take this much amusement in it, but I figure in a month or two they'll have stopped talking about it altogether. Not unlike the big panic over MRSA a few months ago. That hasn't gone away, people just got bored with it.