Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Joy and Other Good Stuff

Happy Birthday to BFF Sharonda! I remember the days when birthdays meant all of us girls would try to get together and do something ridiculous, but now we're all married and tend to spend birthdays with our men. But that's ok, we still love each other and make time to see each other.

Speaking of girlie time, I went to a shindig this weekend for the lady who makes hand sewn clothes and other items. Here's her online shop. I wish I had the talent she has in her pinky finger. Seriously, I have always wished I had the ability to sew clothes and bags and such, but there are so many parts and pieces and steps... Maybe one day when I can get back on my head meds I can try to learn, but I can't fathom that I'll ever have that talent. Anyway, I've vowed not to buy Tot any clothes until everybody else got done, whichwill likely be around age 3, so I stuck to my guns and didn't buy anything. She did have several things I liked, but I'm rationing my baby money for a while. I did have fun hanging out with the cool kids, and Addyson's getting some nice stuff!

To top off my weekend I got rid of the big table that was in our office AND gave away my old car. It will be worth it to be able to watch my mom race it on the quarter mile bracket racing track. No, I'm not kidding. She wanted it to race. I figure it can make it a quarter mile, but I wouldn't trust it much further than that, so...


Allison said...

Good for you on saving baby clothes money for other things - you are going to get so much STUFF!

i'm black betty said...

it was so good hanging out with you at the trunk show. you're right...jen has TREMENDOUS talent. i wish i could sew like that, too.

glad you're feeling better. xoxo