Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I'm not being negligent here folks, just nothing to see. Unless you want to hear about mountains of laundry or my super-human efforts to get our office/nursery cleaned out before we leave for South Carolina. Which, I might add, is frighteningly close to being done at this point. The nursery cleaning, not the laundry. It's nowhere near done. My house gets hot enough on it's own during the day without help from the dryer, which limits the hours I have to actually do laundry. Oh, and I actually broke down and watered some flowers yesterday. Not all of them, just the azaleas that are seriously dying. We've missed every drop of rain everybody else has gotten randomly over the past few days. My roses tend to be pretty self sufficient. The azaleas, not so much. Not sure if they're going to make it.

There you have it. The only reason I'm even boring you with this is because Greg's still asleep (he's been home feeling the ickies for a couple of days) and there isn't much I can do around the house that won't make enough racket to wake him up, so I'm killing some time here. Wouldn't want to wake up the pup, either, since he only gets to sleep some 19 hours a day now.


i'm black betty said...

i'm blah, blah, blah today.

congrats on the cleaning! you rock! come over when you get finished. i have some stuff you can clean. ;)

The Davidson's: Lynn, Chris, Park, and Dalt said...

I don't blame you for just chillin' right now. I'm glad you're getting the room cleaned out. It's so much fun once you start actually getting the decor up for the baby's room. It's always so sweet looking. Hope to see you soon! Love ya!

From the Doghouse said...

Good luck!