Friday, June 12, 2009

A Good Week

Anybody wanna see a picture of our baby girl?

I don't think I mentioned it on Wednesday, but she was dancing a jig (or possibly Wii boxing...) when they took the pics on Wednesday, to the point they were having a hard time getting measurements because she wouldn't be still! Guess I should lay off the sweet tea for lunch on sonogram days. Compared to the pics from last time, she looks huge. And she's got a little nose and ears and arms and feet and everything. That's just awesome!

** If you're one of the people I normally email the scanned pictures to, I do have them scanned but haven't recovered my email addresses from my laptop crash yet, but I'll get them out eventually. Or you can shoot me an email so I can manually add your address and you'll get them sooner. Either way...**

Yesterday Mom and I spent the entire day in various retail establishments, registering for baby gear, using up our $10 off coupons at JC Penney's, and the best news of all, raiding the maternity store. For new bras! People, I'm pretty much at halfway and I haven't grown one size, but two. I realize I'll never have boobs again, but dang, I think I finally hit puberty 15 years late. I know they aren't done, I figure these two new bras will last me six weeks, tops, and I'll be back buying bigger ones.

On a sad note, there was a death in the family this week. My laptop. I had hopes it could be brought back to life, but last night after the fourth or fifth attempt to install an operating system, it was pronounced dead. Sigh. When did I become so dependent on a laptop? Right now I'm using an old one of Greg's. The screen sometimes just goes out for no reason and won't come back on, but as long as I don't need to see what I'm looking at... Guess I'll be twisting Greg's arm to take me computer shopping this weekend. We all know how much he just hates going to electronics stores...


i'm black betty said...

so sweet....i LURV me some sonogram pics. i always liked playing "name that part" with my co-workers who "claimed" they couldn't distinguish what anything was...LOL!!

look forward to seeing you saturday! you tell tot to cooperate or else! j/k...seriously.

Susan said...

If I had any control over Tot at all, the last four months would have been much more pleasant!

And I have to say, the whole time they were taking pics of different organs and doing the measurements I was like, "That's a WHAT??" I really don't know how they can tell a kidney from a foot in those things!

Allison said...

I still have Mini-me's sonogram pic on my refrigerator - still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I look at it. =)

i'm black betty said...

it was great seeing you saturday. you look GREAT!!! :D