Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I downloaded a blogging app to my phone. Testing to see how well it works. This is what happens when I spend too much time in waiting rooms.

Had a gyn appointment this afternoon, so when my dentist told me I needed a filling I scheduled it for the same day so that Greg wouldn't have to take off more than once to hang with Kaycie. Brilliant, right?

Except I got my time confused and arrived at the dentist a solid hour early. Then right as they took me back Greg sent a text saying Kaycie, who has been sick for two weeks, was worse. Woke up coughing so bad she was crying. So in between numbing shots and changing drill bits I'm texting back and forth trying check on her and make sure Greg was able to get her an appointment at the clinic. We go at 4. My dentist is very patient as well as awesome.

And there is a zero percent chance I won't bite the daylights out of my lip before the numbness wears off.

So now I'm at the Women's Clinic waiting. I was 40 minutes early. Dr T is running so late that the nurse said thry hadn't been to lunch yet. It's 1:00. That's not a shock, she delivers babies on Tuesday's, just super bad timing.

Did I mention I left the house in such a hurry, thinking I was late when I was really n hour early, that I forgot to grab breakfast? Had time between appointments but can't chew for a couple of hours thanks to the filling.

Meanwhile my new blogging app just posted this before I was ready. Sigh. Excuse me while I go look for a new one. I have plenty of time.

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