Tuesday, February 1, 2011

La Dee Da Dee Da

So this is the post where I pretend I haven't abandoned my blog since October and just keep moving like nothing ever happened...

So I'm thinking about moving my blog to WordPress. I've messed around with it a bit and it offers a lot more flexibility but it can be more complicated as well. (Although If I'm only going to post once every 4 months, I guess it won't matter...)

My baby girl has become the biggest helper ever. She helps unload the dishwasher. She wants to do it two or three times a day. Even when it's empty. Or half full of dirty dishes. She wants to load and unload the washer and dryer. By putting dirty clothes in the dryer and clean clothes in the washer. She wants to help fold the laundry too, by unfolding things and tossing them back in the basket. She has her own little broom and likes to sweep. I wish I could get some of her silliness on video but the nanosecond I pick up the video camera she moves like metal to a magnet. But she's such a sweet girl, I adore her even when she's making me crazy.

I need some suggestions for developmental toys. Preferably of the inexpensive variety. This is the problem with having her birthday and Christmas so close together. She got some great stuff for both, then had a big developmental growth spurt the minute she turned 14 months and POOF, she's doing all new things I never saw coming. If I had realized what all she'd be doing by mid-January, I would have shopped differently for the holidays. Next year I'll know better. Meanwhile she LOVES playing outside and LOVES being challenged more and requires more structured play much of the time. Over the weekend I did some researched and subscribed to 8 or 9 new blogs (685 new posts...) related to developmental activities for little folks. I got some cool ideas and have an idea about some things to plan in advance, but I have to start looking for more new stuff for her to play with!

Along those same lines, I need new travel toys. Before March 17. We're taking another trip. Because driving to Orlando wasn't nutty enough, we just can't stand NOT to make the trip to visit Kaycie's pet Lauren in South Carolina ASAP, which turns out to be St. Paddy's weekend. I cannot wait to get there! Not so excited about the 10 hour drive. But we've done it once, we can do it again. I just can't find any fun (new) travel toys that might keep Kaycie's interest more than 2.5 minutes. Why can't my kid watch TV like every other toddler on Earth?

Ok, more catching up to come later this week. We're sorta getting into a better routine so maybe I can seriously post more. I won't lie, the holidays were not a good time for me. I had some good days, and had some really, really, really bad days. The holidays have always been like that, but add a growing baby girl in the mix and blogging just wasn't on my radar. January gradually got better, so hopefully we're back on track. Tomorrow I get to go meet baby Maggie, who was born in November, and Thursday I've got a lunch date with one of my BFF's that, weather permitting, will result in some photography opportunities. Looking forward to the rest of my week!

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Allison said...

SOOOOOO glad you are back!