Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Whew. It's been a wild few days, busy busy. I have about 4 posts in mind but they all require some organization of thought that I just haven't had the past few days. Got a couple in draft already though. One is going to be another book review post on what I'm reading, but I want to get one more finished before I post it.

Today we ended Kaycie's quarantine and took her to lunch at Cane's. The people who worked there had missed her. Tonight her grandparents' are coming to visit; they haven't seen her in nearly two weeks. We didn't go back to music class today because I still didn't want to risk her sharing any lingering germs, or picking up any! Her immune system needs a little more time to build back up before I expose her to a room full of carrier monkeys.

This illness has left us kind of in a weird place. We were just transitioning toward a new schedule with one nap a day and bedtime at 8 when she got sick. Now we're all messed up. Some of her meds knocked her out and she was taking at least 2 naps and then going to bed early. And she hasn't been eating well. At our last trip to the doc she'd started losing weight. I'm hoping we're finally past that. She only coughed a couple of times yesterday, and I haven't heard a single one so far today. I feel good about that. Now if we can just get the congestion to clear up we'll be back to good!


Allison said...

Here's hoping that the spring weather helps put the spring back in her step!

Don't you love being a "regular" someplace like you are at Cane's? I'm on a first name basis with just about everybody at our Mexican place!

Susan said...

There's one lady at Canes who saves her sweeping duties until we get there, just because she knows Kaycie loves to watch her sweep! She's a hoot. Even if she's working the drive thru she'll come over to our table to speak to us. They're just awesome.