Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

So Kaycie spent her first day at Mother's Morning Out today. I was a bit concerned about how this would go over, but she enjoyed being there during open house yesterday, so I was hopeful that today would go well.

When I dropped her off this morning we were a few minutes late (in part due to a parking issue that resulted in us having to walk a bit) so we walked into chaos. The kids in her class were already dancing and playing and getting ready for snack, so I kinda tossed her into the fray. She smiled at her teacher, gave me a wave, and that was it. Really? Yep. She's awesome.

I probably had a rougher day than she did. I had planned to run some errands but frankly, I didn't sleep much last night (pregnancy heartburn and joint pain will be the death of me, if from nothing else than sleep deprivation) and woke up with a sore throat, so I was feeling pretty yucky. I ended up resting for about an hour and then going to lunch with Greg and our friend Melanie. I also had a nasty headache for part of the day. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried about how she was doing, or that I didn't feel like I was betraying her by going to lunch with Daddy without her. But I made it until 1:30, then headed over to get her.

And here's where the delima starts. When I picked her up she was laying on her nap mat, but she was wide awake. Ms Jill said the only time she cried was at nap time, and that she hadn't slept despite being so tired she could barely walk. By the time we got home she really didn't want to go to bed, having been laying down on her mat for the past 2 hours, so I let her watch a Sesame Street. She was pretty zombied. But now it's too late to get a nap, and I don't think she'd take one anyway. No nap makes for a long evening and early bedtime. We have to figure out a way for her nap at school. I'm not sure what that's going to be.

But that aside, she'd had a good day. Ms Jill said her favorite part was playing outside (of course) and her note home said she was sweet to others who were sad and she likes to be lovey. Heh. You should see her when I'm sick with my head in the toilet. She's nothing if not compassionate! I'm glad she was a sweet girl. And she didn't really want to leave. She wanted to stand in the hallway and count the fishes in the fish tank. She would have stayed another half an hour to say bye bye to everybody. I didn't think I'd get her out to the van.

So I think she liked school. And I think she'll be happy to go back on Friday. We just gotta work out the naps.

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Allison said...

Yay!! That's AWESOME! I'm so glad to hear it.