Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Traditional Packing Post With a Twist

So I'm in panic packing mode tonight, trying to get not only clothes but toys, child safety devices, and a box of food items packed, as well as cleaning out the fridge, running the dishwasher, and blah blah blah when I get a text from my dad saying that Grandma is in ICU.

They think it's heart issues. Next text says things aren't looking good. Do I need to go there tonight? No, let's wait and see. A little while later I get another text that they were able to medicate her and she's doing better. Meanwhile I'm trying to text my cousins to keep them informed and keep up the crazy packing pace, wondering if it's all in vain.

But I keep packing because it's better than worrying. Right now, at 11pm, I have all our clothes packed, the dishes washed and the food box packed. Some of the toys and gear are packed. Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Greg has spent the entire night trying to figure out a way to fix some issues with Kaycie's video player and load videos onto our tablet for her to watch during the drive. He's still working on that. It's been a bit frustrating. Right now he's talking to himself. I fear he may be losing it.

I haven't heard anything else from Dad so I'm hoping that means she's somewhat stable. He and mom (as well as my in-laws) are supposed to join us this weekend at the beach house. I really hope they make it, but right now I'm afraid if Grandma is still in ICU they will need to stay home. My mom had a rough week last week and was desperately looking forward to the break. I was looking forward to having them around and introducing them to some new seafood places, since my dad is a huge fan and has talked constantly about the place we ate last time they stayed with us at Ft. Morgan.


Allison said...

Oh honey! I'm so sorry. I hate it when things end up in limbo like that. Been there, done that, NO fun.

I'll continue to pray for your grandmother and that everything will work out so you can enjoy some downtime at the beach.

Susan said...

right now she's doing better enough that we're heading out. we can always head back if we need to. this will probably delay if not cancel my parents' participation this weekend but mom thinks they might still make it down Saturday.