Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things I Wouldn't Post On Facebook

Men and squeamish women who don't want to hear about the yuckier parts of pregnancy can turn away now and come back for the next post.

Shortly after I put Kaycie to bed tonight I had a bought of yuckiness that resulted in me being sick. While I had my head in the toilet my first thought was - it's kinda nice to throw up without an audience for a change...

Speaking of vomiting, there's just about pregnancy and post-childbirth that gives uncontrollable acts that cause abdominal spasms - such as sneezing, coughing, and vomiting - a whole new twist. You would think the having to pee 487 times a day would leave my bladder empty enough for it not to be an issue, but no.  With the bought of sinus ickies I've had this week, I'm glad I bought a new pair of underwear last weekend.

Speaking of underwear, last weekend I was at Target and bought three things, one of which was a new pack of comfy pregnant-sized undies, because my old ones were, well, old. I got home and discovered that I had somehow managed to purchase the one pack of underwear in the entire store that had been opened and had one pair stolen out of it. How did I not notice that? How did the cashier not notice that?

Furthermore, who would open a pack of plain Hanes cotton underwear and steal one pair? Oh wait, a desperate pregnant woman who accidentally sneezed while shopping at Target. Guess I'll forgive that one.

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Allison said...

Oh the joys of being a woman!! =)