Friday, September 9, 2011

FYI - Day 2

And if you were thinking Kaycie's school day #2 might be a little harder than the first (particularly considering that she's been on sleep strike this week), let me assure you it was full of awesomeness. This morning I got her dressed and told her it was time to go to school. She grabbed her lunch box and ran to the door. Woo!

When I picked her up I was expecting to find a very tired baby girl who had refused naps again and was on the verge of major grumps. But no. She was happy girl. I asked her if she'd napped and she even said "Yes." That's not a word she uses often... Turns out she'd napped for an hour and a half and was the first one to pass out! She was kinda happy to see me, told me hi, but wasn't ready to leave. I had to coerce her out the door. Ms. Jill said she'd been her big helper today and was a bit clingy to her most of the morning. Not surprising, she gets a bit clingy when she's tired, but she helped Ms. Jill a lot and was very proud of herself for being a good helper. All that aside, based totally on how filthy she is, I'd say she had a good day. Somebody needs a bath!


Allison said...

I was totally unprepared for how dirty a child can get at preschool. I used to be very much a clean freak about my kid, but now, I pick her up, she's filthy, and when we get home I can tell her to go take a shower. And I DON'T HAVE TO HELP HER!

Cling to that hope I just gave you. They WILL do things for themselves one day and that is the beginning of some TRUE AWESOMENESS!!

Susan said...

Yes, except by the time Kaycie can do things without help I'll still have one two years younger... Sigh!

I consider dirt to be a sign of fun. The dirtier she gets, the better the day. :)

Allison said...

Maybe you can teach Kaycie to bathe Microtot. That's why I'm waiting so long to have another. So Mini-me will be old enough to be a live-in nanny.