Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

This is going to be a bit of busy week.

Tonight is our first childbirth class. I hope we get to meet the stork.
Wednesday is my doc appointment. Maybe I'll get my glucose results.
Thursday night Greg's bowling team starts up again. I don't bowl, but I like to go watch. They're funny!
Friday I have a breakfast date with a friend and lunch date with my hubby.
Saturday we're hopefully going to do some shopping for a chest of drawers or dresser for Tot.
Sunday I want to visit a different church in Clinton

And speaking of busy schedules, I realized yesterday that the calendar I keep in my purse with all my stuff on it runs out at the end of September. It was an academic year calendar I bought when I was working at UMC and it worked well at the time, but now I'm stuck with three months left in the year and no desire to go buy an entire 2009 calendar. Make that three very busy months, as I'll be having more doc appointments and, well, A BABY. Hmmm. Do I get another academic calendar or suck it up and buy a full 2009 and start transferring information? I need to do something, as one of my cousins called with a preliminary baby shower date this morning, and of course it's in October! I almost told her I couldn't schedule it for October because my calendar ran out in Septmeber, therefore October doesn't exist.


i'm black betty said...

LOL! you so silly. :)

Allison said...

Will be interesting to see how Tot responds to the sounds of the bowling alley.....

Susan said...

She doesn't seem to mind arcades or pinball machines, but she hasn't been to the bowling alley since she was big enough to hear. Should be entertaining. I'll be sure to sugar her up before we go. That always makes life more interesting!