Thursday, August 6, 2009


I can't even call this an update from Tot's doc appointment, since it's mostly going to be me whining about how terribly I've been mistreated.

We went to our regular appointment yesterday and all was well with Tot. We will now be visiting Dr. T every 2 weeks. Unfortunately, my glucose test was not well, it was 15 points high. This morning I found myself back at the Colonnades for the 3 hour glucose test. Don't let the name mislead you, it took 5 hours.

Let me just stop here and point out something important. For me, the worst part about going to the doc is having to pee in a cup. I'm not one of those people who can pee on demand. Every time I have to go to the clinic I prepare by sucking down as much liquid as possible an hour before my appointment so that I walk in the door doing the potty dance.

Imagine my joy when I walked into the lab at 7 this morning and the first thing they told me was that I needed to pee in a cup, and would be doing so every time they drew blood today. Um, nobody mentioned that. I hadn't had any food or drink since dinner last night, 12 hours before! If I had known I would have made an effort to skip my 4am potty stop, but I nobody had said a word about the cup yesterday. Nothing.

So they drew blood the first time and pointed me to the restroom. I told them it wasn't going to happen and I didn't lie. I told them a glass of water would be useful, but I couldn't have anything until after I drank down another bottle of the nasty glucose drink, which I couldn't have until I produced a sample. I finally won the standoff an hour later when they gave me the glucose drink and gave up on liquid gold from round one.

After I sucked down the nasty orange flavored drink (yesterday's lemon/lime wasn't quite so blech) they sent me back to the waiting room for an hour, then called me back for another blood draw and handed me another cup. I was really starting to hate these people. I would like to point out that knocking on the restroom door repeatedly and asking, "Are you ok?" or "Can you go this time?" isn't really helpful. You got your sample lady, but you would have gotten it faster without the pressure!

This is the point where the ladies in the lab get kudos. They did not send me back to the waiting room, but rather put me in an exam room in the back with a recliner, blankie, and gave me water. Bless them. They really weren't evil. Oh no wait, an hour later they came back and handed me another cup, then shoved another needle in my arm. And again an hour after that... My arms look like I've been shooting heroin. One arm got hit twice, the other one three times. They hurt.

The irony is that during that last hour I downed 3 cups of water to make sure there was no delay when they handed me the cup. They only had one restroom at the place where they drew blood and I had caused a line to form every time I went in there. I wasn't wasting any time on this last one. So I finally took care of business in a timely fashion and left. Then I got stuck in traffic on the way home and realized that I seriously had to pee...

If I don't pass this test, I have to go back for the freaking 5 hour glucose test, which will probably take more like 10 hours. I would rather jump in front of a fast moving train. I don't think I can take that many sticks in one day. The nice lady who drew my blood the last time told me to drink water, lots and lots of water, and I shouldn't have a problem. You betcha, lady. I will be drinking water like a fish.


i'm black betty said...

girl...I AM SO SORRY!!! and you are NOT whining. this test is horrible!!!

my glucose ran high with lil farto, but i REFUSED to do this test and rather, i insisted in changing my diet. the doctor said, "okay," and didn't press the issue with me (cause he knew he would lose the battle). i started a 2200 calorie glucose free diet (christmas eve) and brought my levels down to around 80. i stayed on the diet for 12 weeks.

i'm so sorry. i knew this is what would happen to me, and i REFUSED to do it!!!

you're in my prayers, love.

Susan said...

I fear going on the restricted diet because it's been so freaking hard for me to gain weight as it is. I know if they put me on the diet, the 8 pounds I've gained are gone, and I didn't start with any extra to lose!

I told Dr. T she could have me gain weight or lower the sugar but she couldn't have both. She looked me dead in the eye and told me I should have gained more weight earlier! HA! I thought Greg was going to hurt something laughing.

Seriously though, given the choice between the diet and the 5 hour test, I'll probably take the diet. I can't deal with 5 hours of that. Yesterday I was so sick halfway through I could hardly walk. And for the record, there's NO WAY I'm calling my doc's office to get the results. If they want to put me through something else they can darn well call me, I'm not asking for it!