Friday, August 14, 2009


BFF Addyson is getting baptized at church on Sunday. I got notice today that my mom is coming for the event, since she still hasn't managed to meet the little sweetie.

Oh geeze. I have to make room for her to sleep! Much of the junk we hauled out of what used to be the office got piled up in the guest room. Eh, she's used to my house being a bit of a mess, but I should at least clean off the bed! And clean the guest bathroom. And maybe run the dishwasher. At least the pup got his bath yesterday, so something is already clean!

I'm excited that she's coming to visit, though. She hasn't been over since we had our last sonogram in June, so it'll be fun to show her the progress we've made in acquiring baby gear and stuff for the nursery. Maybe she can figure out how to put the stoller back together...

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i'm black betty said...

cleaning up just stinks!!!! hope you had a great weekend!