Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

From last night's childbirth class, "The best thing you can do for the baby at this point is sleep."

Can I get an amen?

Unfortunately, that's easier said than done these days. I don't sleep well most nights. Tot is a bit of a night owl, as soon as I get still she gets riled up. The need to pee every 90 minutes or less doesn't help. The inability to sleep in my two favorite positions - on my back or stomach - has made life difficult. The inability to roll over without three tries and the use of a crane doesn't help much either. And yes, I know it's only going to get worse. I have ten and half weeks to go.

That said, I'd like to have a moment of appreciation for the fact that if I don't have to go into an office every day. Yesterday I got really tired in the afternoon and took a nice nap, mostly so I could survive through class. But when I don't sleep at night, it's wonderful to be able to sleep a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon while my little boxer-girl is quiet.

I'll be trekking back to the doc this afternoon. I don't expect any real news, other than maybe getting my glucose results. I'll be flying solo today since Greg's office has him running all over creation for meetings all week. Guess I should find a book to take.


i'm black betty said...

i'm so glad you can rest. working with only three hours of sleep became very trying.

have a great day, love! :D

Allison said...

I think the best thing I can do for Tot is to sleep too. It will be a sacrifice, but it's all for da kidZ...

tank said...

Girl, from the pic I saw on fb you hardly have a belly! Rolling over should be a breeze. :)

Susan said...

The black dress with polka dots is quite misleading. Believe me, there's more than meets the eye these days! I've been growing about half an inch around a week, up to 37.5 now!