Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching Up

Things have gotten so boring that I feel like all I ever do here is catch up on the random things that have been going on. Dang I'm boring.

To answer a few lingering questions:
No, I have not received results from my 3 hour glucose test. And no, I'm not about to call and ask for trouble. If they want to torture me any more they can make the effort to call me. Besides, I see Dr. T again next week. I can get them then.

Yes, we finally got the crib put together! Took about 30 seconds after we got the replacement parts put on. I also managed to reassemble the convertible car seat I took apart to clean. The infant seat didn't need to be soaked, it's in darn good shape already. The stroller... Well, I took the cover off to soak it (OxyClean is my friend!) and now I can't seem to get it reattached. It's really clean though. Even the red kool aid stain came out. Which will be awesome, if I can get the stupid thing put back together. Sigh. I will work on that more tomorrow.

Today was my last regular day to keep BFF Addyson. I'll miss seeing her so much, she really is a very good baby. For me. =) But, the reality is that I'm getting to the point where it's hard to pick her up out of her crib and, well, we're both just getting bigger.

Otherwise I have to say that I'm incredibly grateful that I've felt pretty darn good for the past six weeks or so. I realize it may not last a whole lot longer, I'm already starting to feel the tiredness coming back, but after those first few months of misery I'm thankful for every good day I get!

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i'm black betty said...

i'm still praying you don't have to have the five hour test.

yah on the crib!!! :D