Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conversation of the Day

While getting lectured by Dr. T regarding when to notify the office if I start having contractions:

Me: "You know I won't know a contraction until it walks up and introduces itself, right?"

Dr. T: "And it will..."

That said, I had a good (enough) appointment today. Gained about 3 more pounds, which puts me in double digits total. My glucose test was acceptable enough. The actual word she used was "borderline." Basically they take 4 readings. If two or more come back with a number they consider high, you're screwed. One of mine was rather high (190), one was very borderline (within 1 or 2 points of "screwed") and the other two were low enough, 90 and 135. They did do another finger stick today and it was 141. They want it to be under 140. Dr. T. said she'd let it slide, but to knock off the sweet tea and desserts. I told her we'd already banned sweet tea from the house and I was only drinking it if we went out to eat. She'd like me to limit that as well. She said the magic words, though, "You don't want to have problems with the baby's sugar..."

I felt ok about that until Greg got home and told me that he'd been talking to his boss when I sent him the text about it today and Dr. G said he thought the 140 limit was generous, he would rather see something under 120! He asked Greg if diabetes runs in my family. Why yes, it does. In multiple people. Alrighty then, I'll get it under control. We went out to eat tonight and I had a salad with water. The hardest thing is going to be finding lower sugar snacks. I like dried fruit. And oreos. And cake. But I'll just say no. 'Cause it's for the Tot.


GrammarGirl said...

There are some very good sugar-free sweet snacks out there. The Jello sugar-free pudding is quite tasty, and there is even sugar-free candy. Just for those occasions when you need a little something sweet. Good luck.

Allison said...

I was just about to suggest the Sugar Free pudding - I send it for snacks with Mini-me to school and she loves it.

Splenda is our friend. =)

GrammarGirl said...

Yep, I forgot to mention the Splenda sweet tea at Newk's. You can have your sweet tea and drink it, too.

i'm black betty said...

wowzers!!! 190? girl, splenda will be yo new friend!!!! :)

i STILL drink unsweet tea with splenda 5 1/2 months later...

Susan said...

Actually, water is my new best friend. That and sugar free lemonade. I haven't tasted a drop of tea since talking to the doc last week. But Greg did surprise me with sugar free peanut butter cups this weekend! Headed in search of sugar free snacks at Kroger today. I've already discovered that mixed nuts are very low in sugar, as are Cheez-Its and BBQ potato chips, so long as I don't eat the entire bag at once.