Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Pictures

Apparently the key to taking portrait type pics of my kid is to get her away from her toys. My previous attempts at Easter pictures have mostly taken place in our yard and as a result I have a lot of pictures of Kaycie in a cute dress climbing on her buggy. Today I took her to the pond behind our library and I got a few really good pictures. Out of 150. We had two big problems. The first one was mud. Lots of mud. They need to plant more grass around the pond! The second problem was that she wanted to be right next to me the whole time. I'd walk her over to the rocks, run back a few feet to set up the picture, and the minute I turn around she'd be right at my side. But at least I got something this time, and she liked her hat!

1 comment:

Allison said...

Ok first of all, I LOVE the dress.

And secondly, I LOVE the hat.

You have such a way of describing your child that when you share pictures, they just seem to go together like puzzle pieces. And I REALLY love that!

Happy, Happy Easter.