Thursday, April 7, 2011

One More Time! BOOM!

You didn't think I was going to let this pass without mentioning it again, did you?

Oh yeah. I'm the March Madness Queen yet again. Three out of four years the magic quarter has come through. And really, last year shouldn't count because I had an infant and could easily have messed up the coin flips in my comatose state. But this year I'm back. And as the above evidence shows, not by a little either! AND that was with my championship team, Pitt, losing in the second round. Everybody had something to say about my defeat early, but then one by one everybody else's championship team started to fall, until Benji's Kansas Jayhawks were the only one left. And they lost to... who was it again? Some rinky dink 11th seed team? That's right. With their demise, I took first place and nobody had any points left to get. Go me. And my magic quarter. The route may not have been pretty, but it got me to the top once again!

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