Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yesterday I was in a funk.

Take me to funky town...
We want the funk!
Play that funky music, white girl!

Sigh. Sometimes I get a funk. I was afraid it would spill over into today, but alas I woke up feeling marginally rested (a rare treat) and had an hour or so to myself before Kaycie woke up. Then she took a super long nap this afternoon, leaving me time to be uber-productive in the kitchen. To top it off, we had a tasty dinner and then Greg took me dishwasher shopping. I can't even tell you how happy that makes me! And then he broke the couch, but that's something else altogether.

Regardless, I banished the funk today. I'm hoping it stays away tomorrow, since I'll be home alone with the baby girl again and Greg's already promised to be home late since he's traveling to Timbuktu with a documentary videographer in the afternoon. Hopefully Kaycie and I can manage not to make each other nuts. Hopefully.

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