Thursday, March 31, 2011


Kaycie's vocabulary is cracking me up. As is typical of kids just learning to talk, some things come out not quite right. And she loves watching sign language videos, probably because it's real people and not cartoons, so she's been picking up some signs. Except she doesn't always use them correctly. It's pretty funny.

Books are "boops". I really have to catch myself saying it correctly to her because I think "boops" is so dang funny I use it when I talk to Greg now. But if Kaycie is going to learn, I have to say it right to her. I don't want her starting kindergarten saying "boops!"

Another favorite is signing "cold," which is basically holding your arms and shivering. She'll do it and say, "Brrrr. Cold!" She learned that yesterday and thinks shivering is hysterically funny. So is the sign for "monkey," combined with a monkey noise.

Dogs, of course, are pups. She really likes words that start with "P," like Papaw. Which is more like, "Papaaaaaaaw!"

She'll say daddy too, but that too comes out more like, "Daaaaddddddyyyyyyyyyy!" She won't say Mamaw or Mommy. I don't think she likes "M's" very much.

Yesterday she also started saying "drink." Only it's "dink." She has a tough time with those combined consonant sounds.

She's got "baby" down pat. And "dog," only it comes out more redneck. Like, "dawwwwwg." That's my girl. Tonight she told our waitress "Thank you." Sorta. And she repeated my mother-in-law when she was naming off their pets, then said, "good cat." She can also say, "bad pup." Greg taught her that one.

Her signing is funny too. She can sign cold, monkey, eat, and more. Except more isn't usually used correctly. It's used more randomly, and sometimes I have no idea what she wants more of. Sometimes it just means "milk" in general.

I'd like to point out that three weeks ago she only had like 4 words. Today she's probably said a dozen or more different words. Poof. Like magic.

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Allison said...

I think the increase in their verbal skills is just one of the most fun to watch and experience with them.

Watch out - she'll be putting sentences together before you can blink!

And, before long, you'll have to start telling her to be quiet!