Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Sorting


During our visit with BFF Lauren and her family she and I went on a bit of a shopping spree. You know I hardly ever buy "stuff" and when I buy clothes for Kaycie it's usually second hand and not until I'm nearly desperate. We have been super lucky that her grandmothers both love buying her clothes and have supplied much of what we've needed, but she's suddenly growing out of 18 month clothes (mostly because they won't go over her head!) and our selection of 24 months/2T was kinda slim. And of course Lauren has a family full of boys, so shopping for girlie things is always a treat for her! So we bought clothes. Clothes for Kaycie and shorts for me, since I could fit into exactly zero of my shorts from last summer and was pretty much under threat of death from my hubby if I didn't buy myself some. So I did. We came home with two pair of shorts for me and giant pile of clothes for Kaycie!

Today I got serious about unpacking and quickly realized I had to clean out her closet first. I've been keeping a garbage bag in closet to toss things in as she outgrows them and had one already full. I came away with two more for a total of three bags of clothes! Then I had to do some reorganizing. It's easy to pick out clothes when you have a total of 8 or 9 outfits to choose from. Now she has a closet full! So I sorted into sets, individual shirts, and dresses, then made room for a few leftover long sleeve things and some things I think she'll still need to grow into a bit. Geezum peetes.

Tomorrow I need to sort my own closet. It's time to swap out the winter for the summer, which is a sad collection of ill fitting shirts at this point. Maybe next month, when we've recovered from my spending spree, I can go find some shirts. I so hate shopping for myself. Last time I went to look for short sleeve shirts I took BFF Sharonda with me and between the two of us we only found one to buy! Sigh. Maybe after I clean everything out I will realize I have more stuff than I thought, but the same extra pounds that made my shorts situation dire is also causing some issues with the rest of my summer wardrobe. I could solve all kinds of problems if I could drop just five pounds...


Allison said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start with Kaycie's closet. Working in your kid's closet is always easier than dealing with your own.

Shoot girl - you don't need to lose no 5 lbs! You look great! I'll go shopping with you and I can guarantee I'd find you more than one shirt! You know how to find me should you need assistance with the matter. =)

Susan said...

Oh I'm not suggesting I'm overweight. I'm suggesting I'm over budget! I hate shopping for clothes for me. Hate it more when I have to haul my toddler along. I have clothes, I just need to fit them. And losing 5 would probably help with the other issues that have creeped up on me over the past 3 years - mainly my cholesterol which has gotten uglier each year. After my dad's near heart attack 5 years ago I get nervous about that kind of thing!