Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 5 Car Toys for a Toddler's Road Trip

1. Say It With Sign DVD. I don't care if she learns toddler sign, but the people were way more entertaining for her than the cartoons we offered.

2. Fisher Price CD player. Doesnt actually play cds but does have butons and music and a slot to put the plastic discs through. She loves this thing at home and it has now made two 10+ hour road trips with us. Its awesome.

3. Books. We had several new books in hiding waiting to be introduced in the car. Baby girl does love her books.

4. Empty parmesan container and cotton balls. No, not kidding. I flipped open the "pour" side of the lid and handed her cotton balls to stuff inside. Loved it. Then she learned how to flip the lid up, then to unscrew the big lid. I may regret that skill.

5. Momma in a silly hat making faces. Or using a stuffed cat to get her feet. Or give her "5." Or just sit in the back with her for company.

Its been a long drive, but I can almost see the Mississippi state line from here. Looks like we will make it home tonight after all. It will be nice to wake up in my own room in the morning rather than a hotel along the way!

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Allison said...

Bless your heart. I never had to travel long distances with Mini-me at that age and am SOOOOO glad of it!