Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Post In Which I Do NOT Discuss Food

A few unrelated thoughts today -

Today is day 100 of my 365 photo project. I finally came up with an idea, considering my limited options today (re: stuck at home with my kid knowing Greg won't be home until late). I'm just impressed I made it to 100. I didn't think I'd make it past 14. Guess I need to get up and actually try to take that 100th picture.

A dear friend of mine is in the hospital today in pretty bad shape. I want to go check on her but I'm sure she doesn't need a 1 year old bouncing on her bed. However, I'm thinking if I was in that much pain and feeling that bad, I wouldn't want much company anyway. And if I keep telling myself that I won't feel like a terrible friend for not being able to go see her.

In related news, I need to find a babysitter. Not full time, just somebody I can call periodically on a weekday so I can go to a doc appt or on the weekend for date night. The very idea gives me shivers.

My mother is not only magical, but she now has ESP. Twice this weekend I mentioned toys I had been looking for and they magically appeared. I wanted a little play tent, poof! She had one stashed in her bedroom. I mentioned wanting to get a little bean bag. Poof! She had one in storage. I wanted to find a nice wooden art easel. POOF! She called last night to tell me she found the one I had bookmarked at $65, only for $15. Oh, and meanwhile I've started a Wish List at for things I want to get for Kaycie, because I can't ever remember the neat things I find!

And finally, I was thinking about signing Kaycie up for swim lessons this summer but most of the classes start at age 3 and I talked to one swim coach who gives private lessons who said prior to age 3 there's no point in structured lessons, you just need to get them acclimated to the water and comfortable with it. So now I'm thinking a Y membership so we can hang in the kiddie pool might be a less expensive option. Until the summer hits and I go insane from all the other kids. Sigh. I need a neighbor with a pool.

And yes people, this is three posts in one day. Boom shakalaka!


Allison said...

We bought our pool from Walmart and love it. There's a little maintenance to it because we got the biggest one they sell in the store, but its a great investment considering the cost of gas to go do activities elsewhere, not to mention the fabulous way water time will wear a kid out!

Susan said...

I don't want a pool. I've never wanted a pool. I want a neighbor with a pool. I don't want to deal with the maintenance and our yard really isn't big enough for even a "small" big pool. Not to mention I don't think you are supposed to put them under power lines, which rules out the small patch of yard I do have!