Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are awesome.

I'm a big fan of the birthday. Doesn't matter whose it is, they deserve a really special celebration. Because birthdays are the only time that you get to celebrate yourself, without sharing (unless you happen to share a birthday, which would kinda suck). Other holidays are great and all, but you're always celebrating something else. It's awesome to celebrate YOU.

I've never worked (at a "real" job) on my birthday. I considered it a holiday and took it off every year. We don't always do something big, but we always have a fun day. Back in the day my friends and I had a birthday tiara we'd pass around for each of our birthday, to be worn out in public as much as possible. I remember BFF Jen wearing it at Turner Field at a Braves game!

I won't lie, I'm getting old. And things aren't all about me, even on my birthday. Today I had to go to the dentist because of a problem tooth. We scheduled it for today because Greg was already taking the day off and could hang with Kaycie while I was meeting with Dr. Boswell. Not something I would have chosen to do on my birthday, but since I don't have alternate childcare options, I do what I have to do. But we still made a fun trip out of it, visiting the Children's Museum, having lunch, and coming home and all three of us taking naps. Then off to dinner with my in-laws. It was an awesome day. And it was my day. Well, me and Queen Elizabeth II. And Iggy Pop. And Tony Danza. But still, it was all about me!

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Allison said...

Queen Elizabeth has NOTHING on you girlfriend. You are beyond awesome and absolutely SHOULD be celebrated!