Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vacation Countdown

Two days, 13 hours until I hop a flight to Florida.


The plan:

Friday - laundry, pack, countdown
Friday night - haul baby girl to Philly to spend some quality time with the Grandparents
Saturday - drive home from Philly without listening to Backyardigans (or whining) in the back of the car.

Sunday - hop a flight to Tampa!

Wednesday - come home!

In between Sunday an Wednesday, time has no meaning for me.

I cannot wait. Greg will be at a conference each day, but I will be on vacation. We're staying at a nice hotel on the bay, which from what I understand I'll be within walking distance of a lot of stuff. Shopping. An aquarium. A hotel pool with lounge chairs...

I'm looking forward to eating at some restaurants without a high chair or booster seat or a child bouncing in the booth next to me refusing to eat and climbing on me.

We haven't been on a fun adult trip since... Well, it's been a few years. I don't think we had any fun trips at all while I was pregnant, as I felt like slug slime the entire time, and we haven't really gone anywhere without the baby girl since. I'm totally comfortable leaving her with my mom, who is stoked about it.

Ahhh. Vacation. I can't wait.

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Allison said...

You SOOOO deserve this time away. And I suggest making it a priority to spend a weekend away - just you and Greg - on a regular basis. It's crucial to your marriage and good for your child to see that your marriage is a priority. I'm not of the opinion that our children should be the center of our universe. Absolutely important, high high high priority, but not EVERYTHING we focus on.

I hope you have a blast and enjoy your alone time and your couple alone time!