Monday, January 12, 2009

Civic Duty

Greg has jury duty today at the Jackson Courthouse. I've been called there once, to hang out in a too-small room with about 400 of my closest friends. My advice to Greg was to take a book. Even if you get sent home at the first opportunity, it'll be a long, boring day. It usually takes most of the day just for the judge to listen to all of the excuses for why people can't serve.

We heard on the news a couple of weeks ago that there are like 4 death penalty cases for this term that would require sequestered juries. I can't even begin to imagine how not-fun that would be. Let's hope they don't get around to any of those cases this week.


mayberry said...

I don't know why people think jury duty is such a curse. Beats a day at the office.

Susan said...

The one time I actually got chosen and had to sit on a jury for a week I didn't mind it at all. Being sequestered would be something else entirely! My mom had to do that once and it was pretty awful for all of us, but I think the case was the worst for her.

tgtank said...

I've been called twice and picked for jury both times. But I loved it. Very interesting cases. But being sequestered, don't want that.

i'm black betty said...

i was called not too long ago, but didn't have to serve. i still missed a day of work. :)

The Topiary Cow said...

Cow is with Mayberry. Perhaps it depends on how boring your job is, but Cow for one found it a welcome break.

Just interesting, to see and hear things that are different from the routine.


From the Doghouse said...

My philosophy is, I want good people serving if I ever need them, I need to be willing to serve for others.

Supermom said...

I got called twice, selected once. And I LOVED it. Was not sequestered so that helped. (would not want to be sequestered)

But it was a fascinating case and I had some 'inside' knowledge about the plaintiff and one of his witnesses.

I did NOT know that before the case started. Of course that's the own plaintiff's fault for not asking the appropriate question during jury selection.

Oh and the knucklehead plaintiff acted as his own lawyer again an entire team of corporate Wal-Mart lawyers.


Susan said...

And then there's my favorite part - he sits there all day only to have the case settle at like 4pm before they even seat a jury. Nice. He's on "call in every night" mode for the rest of the week.