Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday? Really?

I keep forgetting it's Friday. How is that even possible?

My mom is supposed to coming to visit tonight. We're teaming up with BFF Sharonda and BFF Jen's mother-in-law to throw a little shin-dig for Figment tomorrow. There will be cake, snackers, punch, and lots of bows and wrapping paper. Bring on the loot! I gotta make meatballs tonight. That was the one request from the mom-to-be. I make awesome meatballs, courtesy of Southern Sideboards. I also have to locate some additional wrapping materials. I wonder if I still have last Sunday's newspaper...

I have Monday off from work, which is a very good thing. Except our site visit is the next week and I could probably use the day to work on prep. Oh well. I'm not terribly concerned.

Did I mention we've booked another trip to Disney for March? I'm just saying. It was really for the rides or anything... ok, maybe it was for one ride, Toy Story Mania... but mostly for the food. You can eat some darn tasty vittles at that place. We've only book one restaurant that we've had experience with - Yak & Yeti, which could also be called Yak & YUMMY. The fried won ton dessert is beyond tasty. The new ones we're trying are Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Nine Dragons at the China pavilion at EPCOT, and Boatwrights at the Port Orleans resort. I'm pretty stoked. The Disney Dining Plan is the most wonderful thing ever. We'd never eat this well if we weren't paying a set price per day for meals. There's a good chance we'll do lunch at Wolfgang Puck's as well. It's the most expensive counter service meal in town, and I'm all about getting my money's worth out of the dining plan!

Did I mention that I tend to plan my travel around food?

Finally, I'm a little done with the arctic tundra. Really. It can warm up now.


Sandi said...

Party down and enjoy the meatballs!

Supermom said...

you're not going to buy as much souveniers (sp?) as you did last time, are you? LOL!

From the Doghouse said...

Did I mention that I tend to plan my travel around food?

A girl after my own heart!

Susan said...

Hey, we each get a personal spending budget when we travel. I only spent about half of mine last time! Frankly, the only thing I'm planning to shop for this time around is more antenna hats.