Monday, January 26, 2009


my five year accreditation site visit is tuesday. tomorrow.

it's 3:17.

i'm still waiting on stuff from my program directors.

the lady in charge of all this for us has already been by once to go through all of our stuff, and is going to have to come back this afternoon to see if we've gotten more stuff together.

we haven't gotten much more stuff together.

which means i'll need to be here at 6:30am tomorrow.

and i'm sick. like, can't breath, queasy stomach, runny nose kind of sick.

some of the stuff i've been waiting on won't be ready until tomorrow morning. i don't even have my trainee files. my PD keeps saying he's going to bring them to me today. it's now 3:23. i don't have them.

i want to cry. they're going to give me a meltdown before tomorrow ends.


Sandi said...

Girl, keep your chin up. You'll make it through.

From the Doghouse said...

Can you clonk them over the head after you get your good review without it affecting what's already been written?

Supermom said...

I hope today goes smoothly for you.