Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prize Patrol

So back in October we had the Heart Walk and I made fun of the prizes offered to the participants who raised money. I had opted out of claiming a prize because I didn't want to take more money away from the Heart Association after raising the money, and because I don't need more junk in my house. Yet today I get an order form in my box for me to claim my prize. Sigh. I'm half tempted to order the juicer just for fun. I've never juiced anything in my life. Or perhaps the two way radios that transmit up to 14 mles with 7 NOAA weather channels/emergency alert. That could be fun. I could radio Greg from the grocery store.

"Come in Home Base, do we have enough eggs to make muffins? Repeat, do we have eggs? Out."

"Roger, Grocery Gatherer, we have eggs. Repeat, six eggs in attendance. Out."

Dang it, now I want a muffin. Too bad they aren't offering muffins as a prize. I'd be all over that.

1 comment:

mayberry said...

Juicers are more trouble than they're worth - even if they're free.

Wish I had a muffin too. (sniff)