Friday, April 17, 2009


Packing list:

clothes - check
more clothes - check
snacks - check
beach towels - check
Susan's couch blankie - check
sunscreen - check, check, and check
laundry supplies - check
camera and charger - check
toilet paper - check
Wii - check
every Wii game we own - check
two new Wii games we just bought - check
47 Wii controllers and rechargeable batteries/charger - check
books (five, just in case) - check
beach chairs - check
board games - check
pooper scooper and baggies - check
assorted other pup supplies, including travel lodge - check
pup - err...
media player and movie hard drives - check

We went ahead and put the pup house and his suitcase (yes, he has his own bag) in the car, therefore Casper is fairly convinced that he should also be in the car. He's been insane, and now he's sulking. You'd think we'd gone ahead and left without him!

So here it is, 10pm the night before we leave and I'm done except for the bathroom items and meds that we'll be needing in the morning. I've also made a grocery list for our traditional first trip to Walmart after we get checked into the house. We'll be 18 miles from the nearest decent sized store, so we like to make sure we have food on hand.

In case you're thinking we're crazy, here's a panoramic view of our back yard starting Saturday afternoon. Is it any wonder I never want to come home?

You peeps have a great week. I don't think we have access to the interwebs this time, so I may not be checking in at all until we return home. I'll come back a year older and hopefully well rested!


Allison said...

Nice view. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time.

From the Doghouse said...

Have an awesome trip!