Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Notice of Delay

Ok, so I had a funny post I was going to share today but I couldn't get the interwebs to work while I was at Jen's house and right now, frankly, I'm considerably more occupied with making sure my head stays in close proximity to the toilet than with typing. So I think I'll wait and share it tomorrow and we'll just pretend like it happens tomorrow instead of today. K? I only point that out because Jen heard the story this morning and would totally call me out if I tried to sneak it in tomorrow. Ok, probably not, but I'm just trying to be up front here.

But I'm going to be at Jen's again tomorrow, so it may be tomorrow evening. If I don't post it, remind me. It has to do with really bad 80's music, which is always fun.

1 comment:

From the Doghouse said...

I love bad 80s music!

Hope your head gets to feeling better (and the rest of you too).