Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Few Thoughts

1. I'm so tired of vomiting I could... oh never mind.

2. I've come to hate taxes. I realize that's normal, but before I was married I didn't make enough money to care much.

3. We've planned to go to dinner with my in-laws tonight. I really really really want to go. I wonder if I can take my own Eggo and borrow a toaster...

4. We're leaving for a week at the beach in 2 1/2 days. I have to pack at some point. I think most of you know my feelings on packing, and the offer to pay someone to do it is still open. Normally this is an easy trip to pack for. Normally it's much warmer and I'm not pregnant.

5. I hope our beach house has a toaster. If not, I'm buying one at Walmart when we get there.

6. I bought a box of Boost shakes yesterday. First time I've bought those since I got sick six years ago when I started my ADD meds. Lost 30 pounds and bottomed out at 95. I'd just as soon not repeat that experience, thank you.

7. Earlier this week I received a hug bag of maternity clothes from a very generous cousin. I was so very excited, until I opened the bag and immediately realized that everything had been laundered in a very strong smelling detergent. Everything is now quarantined in the laundry room and in the process of being re-washed. But I'm still grateful for the clothes. Not that I'll ever need them at this rate.

8. Anybody willing to come to Gulf Shores next week to go with us to Bahama Bob's and order the crab stuffed baked grouper so I can have four bites without having to pay for the whole stupid thing?

9. I need to go fix myself some lunch. Waffle or ramen? Hard choice.

10. According to the sidebar on Facebook two of my friends think I'm dumb. Fess up. Which two of you is it? And I'm a little shocked that it's only two...


Supermom said...

#4. What day are y'all getting back? I'm going to be in Gulf Shores next weekend for a wedding.

#10 Snicker

Ran into your MIL AGAIN today. I love running in to her. Such a sweetie!

Susan said...

We come home the following Saturday, the 25th. When do you get there? We have to come home Saturday because Greg leaves for Vegas on Sunday, a trip in which I decide to decline participation after the nightmare trip to Disney. Sigh. I never want to get on another airplane again.

What?! said...

95 lbs....I think I skipped that weight all together. Ugh! I hope you feel better soon. I'm sending you my preggo no complications vibes!

Supermom said...

actually we're (superkid and I) are coming down Friday so I can hit the outlet mall Saturday morning before the wedding. :)

Where y'all staying? Is is the same place where you had the great pictures taken last time?

Susan said...

Same beach, different house. The house we rented last time wouldn't take pets. This one is also right on the water, though. We're about 18 miles down Ft. Morgan road. If you want to come see the place I can email you directions, or if you want to meet us in Gulf Shores we usually go into town most days and can work something out!

Supermom said...

I googled the heck out of hotels in the area. Ended up at the Beachside Resort on the West Beach Boulevard side (across the peninsula from you guys)

Wasn't thrilled with that choice but wasn't having much luck otherwise.

Wondered if you had any recommendations for short term stays (most places require 3 days or longer, etc.)

Susan said...

Oooh. That's near Bahama Bob's... =)

Not too many options for short term this time of year, spring breakers and all. We've always rented a house at Ft. Morgan or stayed at hotels in Orange Beach for quick trips. Jen may have some suggestions, her fam has a time share that they've used in that area, she probably knows more about the lodging on the Gulf Shores side than I do.