Monday, June 6, 2011

First Look

In all the insanity of the past few days I didn't get to blog about our first doc appointment for MicroTot.

We went last Thursday. In truth, there wasn't much to say. We saw pictures. The little MTot heart was pounding away at 141bpm. They confirmed my suspected due date of January 16. Greg requested Dec 31 for the tax deduction. I requested a duplicate of our original Tot model. Dr. T basically said she couldn't help with either of those requests.

Dr. T also told me to gain 25-35 pounds. I asked her if the 20 I'd put on since Kaycie was born counted. She said no. Drats. Although I don't think I'll have much trouble this time, as I've been eating six times a day.

We go back the last Monday in June for a regular checkup. Don't expect any more pictures until we go for the anatomy scan at 18 weeks. That's when we should find out the gender. Due to my "advanced maternal age" we'll be seeing the high risk doc, Dr. Perry, for that visit. I've been told the high risk scan takes about an hour, which means it's considerably more detailed than the one we got last time. I'm ok with that.

Today was a rough day. I felt... yucky. All day. I was very tired but didn't get to rest during Kaycie's naps because I had so many things I needed to do. By the time she went to bed I was beyond exhausted and still felt yucky. BUT... Despite feeling like slug slime much of the day, I still felt better than I did most any day of the first trimester with Kaycie. So for that, I'm still going to be thankful.


Allison said...

I mean, really, what good are doctors if they can't help with any "real" issues?!

I'm glad your level of yuckiness isn't what it was the last time. And I cracked UP when you said "advanced maternal age" - makes you sound like some kind of drone! HAHAHA. "Let's retire this model Fred, she's of advanced maternal age. Doubt we get any more use out of her." Makes you wonder what the Dugger mom thinks of that term. I mean, isn't she like 60 and still crankin out kids?

Ok, I'm going to shut up now. I've probably offended you or someone else by now.

Susan said...

I know! I find my "advanced maternal age" hysterical. Dr. T does too. She said it used to be something worse. It was called elderly something or the other. Even better! And I think the Dugger mom was definitely pushing 50. I haven't watched that show in a long time, not since shortly after the 19th was born, but dang. I guarantee you I will not be birthing children at 50.