Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wait Is On

Today has been rather busy.

Doc appt this morning, where we were pleasantly surprised to get another ultrasound. Seems last time they saw a cyst on an ovary so they wanted to look again, no big deal. Everything looked fantastic and we'll go back in July. After that we met my parents for a late breakfast since they were in town anyway. Mom had her six month PET scan at 6:30 this morning and sees her oncologist, well, right about now. There's usually enough time in between to get together, which is nice. It will be nicer to never get to do it again!


If today's scan is clear, she is anticipating her doctor setting her free. No more six month checkups. Official cancer free for enough years to be deemed recovered. I'm waiting on that call right now. Ya'll just don't know how long we've waited for that or how incredibly happy those words will make me!

And if that's not enough going on today, our new couches are being delivered this afternoon, between 1 - 3pm. Except we were only able to move out one of our old couches last night so one of the new ones is going to have to hang on the carport until my father-in-law comes over after Greg gets home from work and they move the old one out. I'm a bit useless when I'm not lifting for two. As it is, there was no way Greg and I could get that couch moved out of here.


Because I'm not getting an afternoon nap anyway (even though I could really use one), AT&T has there second and final shot at installing our new internet and Uverse television this afternoon, also between 1 - 3pm. They were supposed to come last Thursday but called Greg on Wednesday to say they couldn't install that day because of problems in our area. They were supposed to call back to reschedule, but by Saturday we hadn't heard anything. Greg called them back and they were like, "Oh, I see you called us and had to cancel your scheduled time last week..."

They are so lucky that Greg is nicer than I am, because I would have lost it right then. Anyway, after sorting out the problem they rescheduled for today. We'll see if they actually show up! Once they do it'll take a couple of hours so I'm not anticipating getting any rest at all.

And if they don't, I'll have not taken a nap for no reason and they don't want to incur my sleep deprived wrath.

So, I'm sitting on the one piece of furniture left in my living room waiting on all kinds of phone calls and visitors. La dee da dee da...


Allison said...

I'm totally psyched about all of your good news today!

BTW, I will be in the metro area on the 12th for a check-up with my dr. Think you could do lunch?

Check your schedule! You aren't taking a nap. Go check it. Right now!

Susan said...

The 12th is wide open! Let me know when and we'll make it happen!

Allison said...

Woohoo!! I'll text you when it gets closer!