Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Post In Which I Sound Grumpy and Judgemental

I'm tired.

But I love ya, and I feel bad about not being in touch this week, so I'm postponing my own nap to post. And to run through 6 of the 755 blog posts I currently have to read in Bloglines. And I'm not exaggerating that number.

My schedule this week has been like this: wake up 8:30-9. Run around like crazy to get Kaycie fed, dressed, read to, and to music camp by 10. Spend an hour running around like a crazy woman keeping up with my kid at camp. Go do _____ (grocery store, lunch with Greg, whatever else I needed to do that day). Get home either to make lunch or right after lunch. Take naps. Wake up around 3:30, make snacks and start dinner...

Normally, the "take naps" part of that routine is when I clean house, make dinner, take pictures, and blog. Not lately. Too dang worn out. I blame MicroTot.

So let's start by talking about camp. I want to tell you about the wedding I went to last weekend, but camp is fresher at the moment so here we go...

I've never really felt like I fit in with the other mom's in Kaycie's music classes, but until this summer I never really felt like I was way out of my league. There are two nannies that come to our class. Really. I don't have a problem with people hiring nannies, but both of these situations are weird. The first one has a 3 year old and a set of 2 month old twins, so I totally get the need. What I don't get is why the nanny and twins come with them to class. These people live in Madison, so it's a hike. And the 3 year old in the class acts like she's pretty desperate for attention that she's not getting from her mom who likes to stand in the back of the room and chat with the other mom's until the teacher has to ask them to be quiet because the kids can't hear what's going on. That's happened at least once a day this week.

Sadly, I've met this woman before. She was in Kaycie's first music class at Galloway and had the same problem there, before she was pregnant with the twins. I wasn't real thrilled to see her in the class.

The other nanny situation is even more bizarre. This family has one child, age 2 1/2. Both of the parents AND the nanny come to class. The poor kid doesn't know who to play with and the adults are almost constantly struggling to get her attention away from one of the other adults.

Sadly, I know these people too. The dad used to be one of my clients at the bank. I know ENTIRELY too much about this man to be hanging out with him in a casual camp situation. And it's brought back some of the trauma of that job for me. He was in my list of top 2 craziest people I ever met (#1 on that list was one of his relatives...). I've started having the weird working at the bank dreams again this week. And the first day I saw him there I had a serious emotional reaction after we left. It kinda freaked me out. There are things I don't ever want to have to put thought into again, and my years at the bank are pretty high up on that list.

Meanwhile, the other mom's are all chatting during class, comparing locations of their beach houses and how often they go and trips to Hawaii and dress their boys in matching outfits with embroidered animals on the smocking. I will admit, there's one mom there that I really like, despite the fact that they also have higher class tastes than I do, but she's very cool and I've enjoyed talking to her. She's also the only one (other than my former client's wife) who has said one word to me. Am I wearing a sign that says "I don't own a beach house" or "I'm not rich enough to be your friend"?

Perhaps I'm simply over tired and mornings haven't been my best time of late. Not throwing up, but feeling yucky most mornings. Not to mention I'm having pregnancy hormone related emotions weirdness. I'm sure I'm overreacting. But as much fun as Kaycie has had this week, I'll be really glad when tomorrow is over and camp is done.


Allison said...

You don't sound grumpy OR judgemental. I'm so glad we get each other.I feel like white trash because I don't drive a late model SUV to pick up Mini-me from her private school. Or because I can't afford to take her to Disneyworld for a week every year. Or because everything she has (lunchbox, bookbag, etc) isn't monogrammed on the latest fashion.

And being put in a situation with crazy people from a place in your life you'd rather forget? Well, I feel ya. Just be glad you don't have an ex-husband who is also the father of your child.......

Hope the morning yuckys get MUCH better soon.

And don't worry about missing that nap today - I took it for you. =)

SOOOOO hope we can do lunch before the summer is over.

Susan said...

Girl, I nearly bailed when my former client walked in the first day. It was like I couldn't breathe. When I left they hadn't even mentioned having kids, so this was the last place I expected to see him. Especially all the way out in Clinton. I should be safe here! Ha!

And I know I sound judgemental. I can't help it. It normally doesn't get to me, and in the other classes the ratio of normal people to snotty people was the opposite. Ironically, I don't think bank accounts have a lot to do with it. My former client has actually be very low key and hasn't been snotty to me or anybody else. He and his wife have been super nice to me and super quiet around everybody else. Yet I happen to know he has more money in the bank than... well, probably than the rest of us combined. He just doesn't flaunt it. Never has.