Monday, June 20, 2011

Mash Up Father's Day Edition

Yes, I know it was yesterday, but the first two topics on my list involve Greg so I can call it a Father's Day edition if I want to.

My favorite phone-game at the moment is Fruit Ninja. My husband is a little competitive, so we play against each other each week. (The scores reset on Sunday.) As is to be expected, he's better than I am. I can usually score in the 400's, he normally scores in the 500's. Last week I managed a 560, which was the highest score either of us had ever gotten. I was FRUIT NINJA! I even sent him a text message (to the old Dr. Pepper commercial tune)-"I'm a ninja, she's a ninja, wouldn't you like to be a ninja too? I'm the ninja, I'm Fruit Ninja!" I shouldn't have gloated. He worked for DAYS to beat my 560. But of course he did. By Saturday night he'd managed a 610. Dang it.

That aside, I still have the best husband ever. Why? Let's discuss how did we spend our Father's Day weekend. Being bums. With the exception of the occasional need for take out food, we didn't leave the house for two days. It was nice. Saturday I didn't even get dressed, I was still in my pajamas at dinner. And Sunday, the actual "Father's Day?" Greg got up early with the baby girl so I could sleep until 10. And when she took a short afternoon nap (meaning I was getting no nap at all) he made me go to bed while he went and got her and played so I could nap and get rested up. He spent Father's Day being a great daddy so that Micro-Tot and I could get some rest. Because he's awesome. (And really, who wouldn't want to hang with the baby girl? She's hysterical.)

Speaking of my hysterical little potamus, she has two new obsessions. Counting and shoes. Not counting shoes, however, as that would be silly. But she loves to put her shoes on. And take them off. And put them on. And take them off. And she does not want any help, because she's a big girl who can do it herself. Today in the van she had a sandal on each hand and was clapping with them. Because she's a hoot.

As for the counting, it's mostly because of this silly book at got her on PBS called the Fisher Price Little People Number Circus. Now, we've been reading counting books since before she could walk, but for some reason she's gotten attached to the number circus. I think I'm about ready to run off and join the number circus. Regardless, she can mostly count to 10 now. If you ignore the pesky 4, which she doesn't care for and often skips. I find it funny. And more than a little frightening. I'd rather she know her alphabet before her numbers, just because it would give me an upper hand over her daddy, who is a geek and likes to count by 8's.

Meanwhile we have a bonus pup at the house this week. Miss Molly is back while her family takes a trip to the mountains. I think she thinks she's being punished. Casper has long learned where to hide when Kaycie is in a chasing mood. Molly just think the little hairless pup has lost her mind.

I'm cutting this short for two reasons. One, my laptop battery is about dead and my charger is down the hall. Two, I'm thiiiiis close to being done with a book and I want to go try to finish it. Or nap. One or the other.


Allison said...

Wow! You can even tell from the way you wrote this post that you got some much needed rest this weekend! You sound MUCH perkier - and not in an annoying way either. =)

Fruit I need to know about this? I've never heard of it? Do I need to get involved with it?

Susan said...

Fruit Ninja - you slice fruit with your fingers. No really. That's it. You get extra points for combos. I got it when it was Amazon's free ap of the day a few months ago. I wouldn't have paid for it. Then. If I lost it and had to get it again now, I probably would, but only because it's an addiction.

And I don't know how long the well rested will last. I skipped my afternoon nap to finish The Help, but I was very close to being finished and figured it was the only chance I'd have to spend an hour finishing it! It was soooo good.