Monday, July 23, 2007

5 Things: HP

5 Things I Really Really Liked About the Final Harry Potter Book
These probably are the top 5, but not in any particular order. If they were in order, the 5th one would be #2...

1. The way they wrapped up the Snape storyline. It was quite wonderfully done, even the bitter irony in the timing, and the fact that the death was pointless in the end. Also like the last nod to Snape at the very very end, even though I wasn't comfortable with the last chapter in general.

2. Kreatcher. Hysterical. Every single part with the little grungy house elf was very well done, and if you pay attention it teaches all kinds of lessons about how we treat people, even when we consider ourselves the "good guys." And it seems Harry learned this lesson, illustrated at the end when he's dealing with the Malfoys and even in his final showdown with V.

3. All the salutes to previous books. I like the fact that she took a little (not a lot!) of time to remind us of days gone by, like the Cederick Diggory pin, Norbert's mention, Sirius' motorcycle, even the characters who haven't played a major role recently - like Colin - popping back around and the visit to the Chamber of Secrets. It was kinda like being reminded of all the fun along the way, as we walk to the end. Something Stephen King tried at the very very very end of the Dark Tower, but didn't really accomplish.

4. The fact that I can make fun of it as "The Fellowship of the Locket" and talk about Harry and friends traveling to Mordor. Really, it was just too darn familiar not to joke about it.

5. The way she wrote the last scenes with Dobby. He wasn't the most major of characters, but he definately deserved the respect he got in this book. He played a small, but important role, and it showed a depth of emotion not always expressed very well in the series.

6. Neville got his spotlight. I liked it. He deserved to be a hero.

7. Mrs. Weasley vs Beatrix and Neville's grandma vs the entire Death Eater organization. You GO girls!

Ok, so that's seven. But I graduated from the Honors College at USM, and, as I recall, #11 on the top 10 reasons I joined the Honors College was to learn to count. I got an English degree, so clearly I failed #11.

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