Friday, July 27, 2007


Next week will mark 5 months since I left my job of nearly 8 years at the bank. I bring that up because this is the new academic year for my new job at UMC, and over the last two days I've had to run back and forth to the place that monograms lab coats. Which means driving up State Street, right past the bank. By the time today is over, that will be 4 trips in 2 days. Right past the bank. I am happy to say that after 5 months I can drive past there without feeling sick or getting all nervous and shaky. Ok, that seems extreme, but keep in mind I hardly ever drive past there anymore so it's not like I get a lot of opportunities to realize that I'm finally getting over the emotional scars.

I will say that, while I can think of at least two dozen other places I'd rather be than sitting in my current bat-cave office in the basement of the hospital, every day that I walk in here I'm grateful that I'm not walking into the bank. Periodically, when things get a little psychotic around here, my boss will get nervous and ask me if it's still better than being at the bank. I love it when he does that, because it always makes me laugh and reminds me that yes, it is LOADS better than being at the bank. My worst day here is better than being at the bank, so life is good. And I'm slowly getting to the point where I don't stick my tongue out at the TV every time I see a commercial for the bank.


Stacey said...

I hope that part of your hate for it wasn't training dumb temps :)

I'm sorry you had such a hard time there. I worked there on 3 different assignments and I loved two of them (I hated working the switchboard! I sucked!!). I'm glad you found something you like! And I'm so happy for you, getting married!! Congratulations.

Lots of exclamation points!!!

Susan said...

Nah, I should have left long before you came through. Working with temps was more enjoyable than my regular work! And you always were my favorite. Oh the stories I could tell about some of the last ones! Had one leave for lunch and they called the service to tell them to tell her not to come back!

Marriage is fun, but look at your little guy! Hope the MRI went well today, I've been keeping up with ACE's progress ever since I realized who you were!

Stacey said...

Everywhere I went had a story to tell about a previous temp. I temped on the 8th floor for 2 months till I got too pregnant for my career wear, and they had to get another temp after me. Apparently she sucked so bad that they had to ask her not to come back. She'd get some work done, but she was on her cell phone the entire time she was there. Wow.

Then there was the one who was working alone in an office and playing rap music, even when customers would come in. Awesome.

Then there was Boobs McGee. Apparently, standards of dress aren't the same with all temps.

I'm glad you liked me!! I tried hard.

Susan said...

We went through a lot of temps right before I left and I found that most of them were temping because they didn't have enough professionalism to hold down a job. We did have one other one that was great, but she was doing it for reasons very similar to yours - she wanted the flexibility to put family first.

And anyway, I liked you because you were a cool person, being a really good temp was just a bonus. You made think a lot about familiy and options. Greg and I are working really hard to be in a position for me to go home and raise babies when the time comes. Hadn't really put a whole lot of thought into how much I wanted to do that until I met you! Those conversations have really stuck with me over the years.