Thursday, July 12, 2007


When i was younger (think high school) I would periodically answer phone calls from my friends in any number of random fake accents saying, "Thank you for calling Basil's Llama Farm, my name is (insert random name to fit accent), would like to hear about our special on (insert random region to fit accent) Llamas today?" My friends were also dorks and would often try to order something other than the special, which was inevitably out of stock, and if they ordered the special I would quote some outrageous shipping and handling fee to cover the cost of getting the llamas into the envelopes.

As I grew older an matured (think college) I had this grand urge to own a bookstore, so of course I decided to call it Basil's Llama Farm and Book Emporium, and began periodically answering the phone with that instead. Despite the fact that I own enough books to stock a store, that dream faded with my idiotic youth, and I am now a boring middle aged office drone who no longer does silly things like that. When I see my mom's number on the caller ID at work, I now answer the phone, "Waffle House, may I take your order," and she predictably orders a waffle and asks if I'll deliver to her office, 2 hours away. Granted, there is a rather large service charge to deliver via medical helicopter, since we both work in hospitals!

Why blog? Because I hadn't thought about Basil in a really long time until the other day, and I don't want to lose him. I come from a long line of dorks and goobers, and I want to make sure I not only record that for future reference, but share it with others along the way...

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