Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3 days

3 days to vacation.

I'm having a crappier than usual week before vacation. In addition to the usual rush of getting things wrapped up and preparing materials for all the meetings I'm going to miss, I've had a sudden bombardment of meetings, projects, and fires to put out this week. I find it hard to really complain about work, since I've been in much worse situations, but I get downright furious over the politics here sometimes. My job is such that it's entirely too easy to use me as a pawn or to push things off on me that nobody else wants to deal with. I wouldn't even mind that, if they offered some guidance or were willing to answer questions as I figure it out, but more often than not the people doing the pushing just want to wash their hands of it and pretend they've never seen it before in their lives. Thanks. I appreciate the support!

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