Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Morning After

I was right. Today's going to be rough.

That aside, I had to laugh when I walked into my office (eary, had a 7:30am meeting) this morning. Clearly, I needed the holiday weekend. The state of my desk reflected the state of my mind when I left here on Friday - scattered all over the place and completely unproductive. Need to clean up and do some organizing this morning.

Something about having a peaceful weekend brought on dreams even more bizarre than usual. Sunday night I dreamed about Harry Potter. Well, not really. I dreamed that I was part of a group who were trying to defeat Voldermort, and after much careful planning we snuck up on him and pelted him with pieces of ham sandwich. I'm really not making that up. We ended up running away and regrouping, then making a second attack with eggs. The most vivid part of the dream was during the sandwich attack, when I remember thinking, "Who's plan WAS this???" Perhaps we thought that with proper nutrion or just some good food, he'd turn from his evil ways. I dunno.

On a tamer note, last night I dreamed I was babysitting Matt Lauer's children ( I haven't watched the Today Show in YEARS!), which somehow ended with a conversation with Stacey about the presidential primaries, Ron Paul, and about how much Matt's son had grown over the years. See, she didn't think I was paying attention, but clearly I was.

No more dreams now. Back to reality. I realized last week that I'll be out for both the last day of September AND the first of October, which are generally my two busiest days of the month, so I need to do some advanced planning. I guarantee you, I will NOT be thinking about work while I'm at the beach!


mayberry said...

Must be the solar system or global warming or something - everybody I talk to, including myself (and yes I talk to myself) has been having freaky dreams this past weekend! I don't remember most of mine, but I know they were weird.... Nothing along the lines of fighting Voldemort with lunch meat though....

Stacey said...

Mwahahaha, I'm in your dreams! The RonPaulsomnia chants I've been doing have worked!

Seriously, if you want to learn more about him or if you like him already, go to this site.

Accio freedom!

Susan said...

Mayberry - I have frequent freaky dreams, and sadly, this isn't the first Voldermort dream I've had lately. Granted, it was the first lunchmeat dream I've had.

Stacey - Paul is impressive, I've seen his website, but I have such little faith in the voters to pay attention to anything that's not a headline. He's got to get and keep national news attention if he wants to be a contender. And yes, that's a terribly sad statement about our country. My political cynicism knows no bounds.

Stacey said...

Oh, I know that, no kidding. I'm a realist, I have very little faith in him getting the primary. Americans don't want reality, humility, truthfulness. They want glitz, glamour, pompadours.

I also had no faith in Taylor Hicks winning American Idol... so *shrug* stranger things have happened.

Susan said...

I think the best thing he could do is get on the ticket as VP. Brings in support from those that DO like to see ethics and morals in our elected officials (notice I didn't say politicians, that's a whole different thing!) and gets him enough recognition to make a serious run in 4 years. May not play this year in the anti-Bush fallout, but could give him a boost for a future attempt.

Stacey said...

The reason I don't see him winning is because in a ticket against either Obama or Clinton, he'd have no chance. Everyone would be foaming at the mouth to elect a "minority," and anyone else would get left in the dust.

I also worry about another run in 4 years because the guy's 72 years old. I just hope his legacy lasts and the people who support him will be able to find another person who is just as worthy to support.